Equine Services

EquiVibe® Vibration Plate Therapy


Only EquiVibe® provides the only true vertical vibration in the animal health care industry in the United States. The plate increases circulation and speeds up the recovery time from various soft tissue, bone and hoof problems. It relieves stress, enhances muscle tone, and aids in the loosening of the muscles resulting in a more flexible horse.


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Pricing: $30 for a 20 min session


Game Ready® Cold & Compression Therapy


Game Ready® Equine simultaneously delivers both cold and compression therapy. While cold is effective in helping to prevent swelling, active (or “intermittent”) compression performs a different role by helping to remove swelling once it has occurred. Cold significantly reduces pain and inhibits reflexive muscle spasms.

Wraps available: Hocks, Tendons, Full Leg (knee to coronary)

Pricing: $35 for one set of wraps (two legs)

               $50 for two sets of wraps (four legs)


Equissage® Cycloid Vibration Therapy


The proven medical benefits of the Equissage® include Increased circulation and lymphatic drainage, relaxation of muscles and increased joint mobility, producing 

better movement and performance for both you and your horse. The Equissage Back Pack gives a deep tissue Cycloidal Massage to the entire horse. The boots increase the circulation throughout the whole leg and decrease heat and swelling in the hooves, tendons and ligaments.

Pricing: $50 for a 40 minute session


Equine Sports Massage Therapy


Our certified massage therapist can evaluate your horse, or be combined with our thermal imaging to pin-point and relieve tightness and soreness. Massage increases the circulation immensely and alleviates stress and tension. We recommend massage for your athlete when your horse will have adequate time for rest.

Our therapist is also a certified saddle fitter, and can help assure your equipment fits properly.

Pricing: $60 for regular massage

              $80 for deep tissue massage


Thermal Imaging


This technology allows us to choose the best therapy for your athlete and to be able to pin-point inflammation, insufficient circulation and asymmetry, and find problem areas that need additional attention. A thermal image can actually identify inflammation that may lead to injury up to 3 weeks prior to the injury occurring, meaning that injury or lameness can sometimes be prevented entirely.

Pricing: $30 for full body thermal imaging

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