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What is Hansbo Sport?

Hansbo Sport is a high-quality line of equine products that offer therapeutic benefits. Each product is infused with ceramics, and four products are also infused with magnetics.

What are the benefits of ceramics?

Ceramics are proven to increase the circulation throughout the body, by reflecting body heat to stimulate blood flow. Unlike competitors, Hansbo Sport's sheets are one, soft piece of material that is lightweight and breathable.

What are the benefits of magnetics?

Magnetics are proven to aid in the dissipation of inflammation, and also help with the circulation increase. Unlike competitors, the magnets are throughout the entire sheet. While they are most effective on the accupressure point, every horse is built differently, so infusing magnetics throughout eliminates the chance of not hitting the pressure point.

Hansbo Sport also infuses magnetics into the turnout sheet, quickwraps and no bows.

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